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Kamurta Period in Gujarat India - Dates in December January
Kamurta Period in Gujarat India - Dates in December January

Kamurta is a time when Sun enters the Sagittarius planet and Gujaratis traditionally timid away from doing several auspicious activities. During inauspicious period, there will not be doing Good Work after ending this inauspicious period start auspicious any events. There were no launch and no any events, marriage, purchase after December 15 even any Good Work.
As one-month long Kamurta Time is starting from 16th December of this month, the wedding rush is a very high across Gujarat. This because Kamurta period is measured as inauspicious for arranging auspicious events. The worrying period from December 13 to January 14, when any auspicious Work is supposed to run the danger of verify unlucky. No marriages, engagements and any auspicious activity in this Kamurta Period.

NRI People do not believe this kind of Kamurta Period scenario. Instead of this, mostly they choose kamurta period for marriage of their spouse, so they can have better option to choose from list of all available option like Luxuries Venue, Catering, Event Management Company, DJ, etc…

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I want to buy a car after 15 December 2016. Probably on 17 December. is it good to buy or needs to wait until 15th January 2017.

If yes, please let me know the good time for the same. or alternative suggestion and advice from your side.

Thank you
Posted On: 12/12/2016 04:11:42
i want to buy car after 14/01/16 which day is best for delavary day & time
Posted On: 06/01/2016 20:58:22
I like
Posted On: 15/12/2015 00:40:10
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Kamurta Period in Gujarat India - Dates in December January
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