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Buy Wholesale Flavored Peanuts Online From India
Buy Wholesale Flavored Peanuts Online From India

Peanuts, popularly known as groundnuts, monkey nuts and pig nuts etc...Peanuts are popularly used as seed oil in India. Peanuts are a wealthy source of vitamin E, Folate niacin, manganese and protein that are useful for the smooth running of the body.

Peanuts Retail Marketing is too good in the Gujarat. Peanuts are easy to available in Gujarat. Peanuts are use in so many cooking Items. That’s why Peanuts are easy to show in any House. There are many Flavored available in our Gujarat Peanuts like Masala, Roasted, and Salted, Cinnamon Roasted Peanuts, Red Chilli Peanuts, Black Paper Peanuts, Schezwan Peanuts, and Manchurian Peanuts.

Nutrients --- Daily Value (%)

Manganese -- 35.5%, Tryptophan -- 28.1%,
Folate -- 21.9%, Vitamin B3 -- 22%
Copper ----21%, Protein --- 18.8%, Calories -- 11%


Health Benefit Peanuts
There are many health benefits of Peanuts like that:

Peanuts are high in protein and other nutrients.
Peanuts are high in phytosterols
Helps Prevent Gallstones
Helps Fight Depression
Increase Memory Power
Helps Lower Cholesterol stage
Lowers Risk of Heart Disease
Cancer security
Lowers Risk of Weight Gain
There are many flavored type of Peanuts like Delicious, crunchy, and nutty peanuts are one of the popular oil seeds known to people since very old times. Peanut oil has a pleasing and sometimes light crazy flavor. There are many type of Peanut Oil Refined Peanut Oil, Gourmet Peanut Oil, 100% Peanut Oil.

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Posted On: 30/04/2014 01:22:10
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Buy Wholesale Flavored Peanuts Online From India
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