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Vasai Jain Tirth - Jain Temple near Mandvi Bhadreswar Kutch Gujarat India
Vasai Jain Tirth - Jain Temple near Mandvi Bhadreswar Kutch Gujarat India

This beautiful Tirth is located at a distance of Approximately 1 km outside the Bhadreshvar Town. Old name of this place was Bhadravati. Vasai jain Temple Manage by Shri Seth Vardhman Kalyanji Trust. Dharmshala and Bhojanshala in the Vasai jain Tirth.

Historical Details:

This place was well known as Bhadravati Nagari in history. As per the Tamrapatra improved from this place, Jain shravak Shri Devchand took initiative for Establishing Tirth 23 years after prabhu Veer attained Nirvan and the idol of Bhagwan Parshwanath was recognized here by Kevali Shri Kapil Muni 45 years after Prabhu's Nirvan.

Akhand Brahmachari Shri Vijay Seth and Vijaya Sethani have accepted Bhagwati Deeksha on that time. Shrimali brothers in VS 1134 and Seth Jhagadu Shah during VS 1313-14 have renovated this Tirth. Once this city was damaged in time-scale but the idol of Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan was lying safe with a saint. During VS 1682-88 Seth Vardhman Shah has renovated this teerth and established the idol of Shri Mahaveer Bhagwan in the main temple.

That saint hand over Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan idol to Sangh, which is at rest present in the temple. Afterwards a Rajput has taken charge of the temple for some times. After that Jain shravak's again took the charge and renovate the temple in VS 1920. Smt. Meethabai w/o Seth Monsi Tejsi of Mandvi approved last renovator work in VS 1939.


Location---------------------- Vasai Jain Tirth, Mahvirnagar, Taluka Mundra, Kutch, India                                

Main Tirthnkar -------------
Shree Mahavir Bhagvan


How to Reach Vasai Jain Tirth from Mundra - Gandhidham ? ?

By road, Village Bhadreshwar is 35 km from Gandhidham , 30 km from Mundra. Government bus and private taxi are available from all the points to reach the village.

Moolnayak idol present at this temple has been established by respectable Kevali Kapil Muni 45 years after Veer prabhu has attained Nirvan. Great donor Shri Jhagadu Shah, who donated money and food to the people during draught affect period in VS 1315, was born here. He also constructed many temples and Mosques for the convenience of visiting businessmen at his place. All these are the examples of his commitment towards humanity.

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Vasai Jain Tirth - Jain Temple near Mandvi Bhadreswar Kutch Gujarat India
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