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Jama Masjid in Surat Gujarat India
Jama Masjid in Surat Gujarat India

Rander was a paramount port in western India where in the exchange of flavors, silk, benzoin and porcelain from the extent that Sumatra and China occurred. By 1225, Arabs vendors and mariners settled in the region in the wake of dislodging the neighborhood Jain rulers.

One of the most seasoned urban areas in South Gujarat, and the primary city of the region soon after the middle moved to Surat, Rander lies over the boulevard northeast of Surat. The 4-storey Jama Masjid on Friday Mosque here was inherent the sixteenth century reusing parts from the Jain sanctuary that was on the site formerly.

Jama Masjid is Famous Masjid in Surat. That is Best Masjid and oldest masjid in Surat. Top Masjid available one of the oldest Masjid is Jama Masjid in Surat. Location of Jama Masjid is nearest Surat city. Address of Jama Masjid Nearest Rander Road in Surat.

Mughal Badshah Jehangir and his allies on their approach to Ahmedabad ceased at this noteworthy put close Jehangirpur which is currently called Rander Eid-Gah. Jehangir acknowledged the welcome (dawat) from the leader of Rander, Malik Tujjar.

Malik Tujjar was one of the wealthiest businessperson of his chance. To honor and welcome the Badshah Jehangir, celebrity lane was laid from the Mayors royal residence to Jehangirpur. The supper was served in resplendent plates and after supper, the plates were given to the poor and deserving people at that time. Badshah Jehangir offered Friday request to God at the Jumma Masjid Rander and Eid Salah at Eid-Gah.

Today over 5 Lakh individuals around Rander offer their Eid Salah in the Eid-Gah. The Rander range additionally has Rander Mehfil-e-Islam Kutub Khana which was created in 1888, as a philanthropy social order for Muslims with a destination to furnish instructive, fiscal, social and religious-exercises and to sway the neighborhood to heartily take an interest in these fields.

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Jama Masjid in Surat Gujarat India
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