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Dandi Beach in Surat Gujarat India
Dandi Beach in Surat Gujarat India

Dandi Beach Navsari is very famous in our Gujarat. Arranged at a separation of 5 kilometers from the heart of the city, Dandi in Surat is an inside for the creation of salt and is of chronicled criticalness to all the Indians. Owing to its essentialness taking into account Indian Independence battle, the district has turned into one of the prime Surat vacation destinations.

Best Beach in Surat
is Dandi Beach and there are many people to visit this beach during vacation time people visit to this place. There is much Shop on Dandi Beach and Transportation facilities available to reach this Beach.

What is Surat to Dandi Beach Distance?

Road Distance is Approx 53 Kms and Travel Time is Approx 1 hour.

The little coastline village of Dandi in Surat has been made as an inside of chronicled imperativeness. The visit to this little village is quintessential for the individuals who are craving to remember and look into the history of India.

Beckoning the history of the Indian freedom battle might rekindle the notable demonstration of civil noncompliance began in Surat. The renowned worldwide Dandi March was started in this area by Gandhiji and his devotees in the year 1930. The duties required on salt were infringed by the British in the year 1930. In the early months of spring in the year 1930, 78 committed devotees plus their guide, Gandhiji, walked 241 miles from the Sabarmati Ashram to the salt focus in the remote village of Dandi.
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Dandi Beach in Surat Gujarat India
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