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Satyamev Jayate Aamir Khan TV Show on Star Plus

Satyamev Jayate Aamir Khan TV Show on Star Plus


When we all thought that Amir Khan might take a year or two to come on screen, he is back to blaze the silver screen with his dramatics. He is on the television and associated himself with ‘Satyamey Jayate’ a brand new show, which reveals the realities of life. From bride burning to the killing of female fetuses, the show displays the guilty as well as success.


There has been a lot of publicity created which was essential for the branding and advertisement of the show but the name of the star was what that did the trick. Satyamev Jayate by Amir Khan has all the viewers watching to their sets. The best feature of this latest TV show is that the makes as well as the host does not apologize for showing the truth.


In the recent episode, the show highlighted the fact that how doctors all over the country due to their ignorance and cruelty tend to risk the life of the patients. Following the telecast, the entire medical fraternity has been up in the arms against Aamir Khan's TV show and the star. They have asked him to apologize for showing them in a ‘bad light’. But as we all can expect, the star has flatly refused all the claims and feels that there is no need for apology as this really happens in India. People die due to medical negligence and he has only helped to bring it out in the open for all to see.


In late 80s, there was a telecast of ‘Ramayan’ on Doordarshan. A very similar kind of feeling is there in the minds of public. People have started reserving their 11am slot on Sunday for this show. Those who miss it can also watch the entire episode on YouTube on the website of this show. Such is the impact of this latest TV show.


In the past, there have been shows that highlighted the troubles of a common person, but no one was interested in it. The association of the show with Amir Khan has indeed benefited it in terms of gathering attention from all the quarters of media as well as the concerned authorities.


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i like the show very much i want to be the part of the show, cos u know there are two sides of every coin. husband beats u is one thing, but he emotional torture you ,as u see they say ur parents has not given us anything and u say that they have given u the A/C but he says that i m filling the electricity bill.
Posted On: 05/07/2012 23:31:58
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Satyamev Jayate Aamir Khan TV Show on Star Plus
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