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Sandipani Ashram Porbandar
Shri Hari Mandir in Sandipani Ashram is situated 5 km from the city of Porbandar, opposite the airport.

Sandipani Ashram Porbandar is the olden port of the Saurashtra neck of land, on the Arabian Sea is mentioned in Skanda Purana as Sudamapuri and Ashmavati. It is the setting of the mythological story of the great friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudama. Porbandar was the last capital of the Jethwa Rajputs, who ruled this area for about 1200 years – shifting capitals from Ghumli, Ranpur and Chhaya. Present day Porbandar was established as a capital by Rana Sartanji in 1785

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There is no Indian who has not heard of the legendary friendship of king and devotee, Krishna and Sudama, starting from the ashram of Rishi Sandipani and culminating at the court of Lord Krishna, in the city of gold, Dwarka. The story comes alive with the sight of a beautiful temple in the middle of Porbandar. This is the only temple dedicated to Sudama in all of India. The network on the stage in the campus is an interesting feature. Sandipani Ashram Porbandar is known as Vidyaniktan and Sandipani Ashram Porbandar was Establish by Rameshbhai Oza and he is known as Bhaishri

Goal of Sandipani Ashram Porbandar
Rameshbhai Oza Vidyaniketan runs a Rishikul, a system inspired by early Rishis and based on the close relationship between the Guru and Shishya. The students called as Rishikumars are taught the essential values of hard work, restraint and discipline in ‘Tapovan’ style, in an open and natural environment, away from metropolitan areas.

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Sandipani Ashram Porbandar Rameshbhai Oza believes that for goodness to win through, moral values need to be together and imbibed. This is possible only if our scriptures and epics are kept alive and are referred to time and again to understand moral and human values. To understand the scriptures which are all primarily in Sanskrit it’s important to understand the language and therefore Sanskrit needs to be kept alive. With this mission in mind Sandipani Rishikul Porbandar was commenced which would produce capable students well educated in all subjects mainly Sanskrit and grammar

Sandipani Ashram Porbandar Rules

--- Having consummate knowledge of the Vedas
--- Able to conduct his life with discipline and ‘sainyam’ (restraint)
--- Not a ‘seller’ but rather a ‘distributor’ of knowledge
--- Become an ambassador for teaching, inculcating and spreading the Vedic cultural heritage to induce human values.

At the Sandipani Ashram Porbandar, subjects from Grade VIII to MA level (post-graduation) include Sanskrit with emphasis on Grammar, Study of Scriptures, Astrology, Philosophy and Music. Students are also taught English and Computers. Graduates are called 'Shastris' and post-graduates 'Acharyas'.

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With utmost discipline Rishikumars study and serve. At annual events Rishikumars are given the opportunity to serve guests and the needy, organize events and even clean the campus to imbibe in them the qualities of empathy and humility to make true the motto of Sandipani Ashram, ‘Gyanarth Pravesh Sevarth Prasthan’, ’Come to gain knowledge, Leave to serve Mankind.’

Since 1992, total strength of students has increased from 80 to 275. To date, over 500 students have left the Rishikul as Shastris (graduates) and Aacharyas.
Admission to the Rishikul is totally free of charge. The Trust operates with the help of contributions coming from people supporting the Sandipani Vidyaniketan Porbandar.

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Sandipani Ashram Porbandar
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