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Swiss chocolates Made in Surat
Swiss chocolates Made in Surat

Surat is a second largest city of the Gujarat with which previously known as Suryapur. Surat is most popular for its textile and diamond businesses and it is also known as diamond capital of the world. Now Rajhans Group partnered establish Swiss Chocolates Factory in Surat that will make almost 25 metric tons of chocolate bars and molds. The products, available in January, will be sold under the Schmitten and Hoppits brand name. The factory will be the third largest of its kind in India, after Cadbury and Nestlé.
The chocolate – at least smooth, delicious confection was invented in Switzerland in 1875. Rajhans Group setting up Rs 500 crore chocolate factory in kim on Mumbai – Ahmedabad highway. To manufacture nearly 25 tonnes of chocolate bars and moulds, Rs 2000 crore real estate group participate with a leading chocolate makes from Switzerland.
The machinery and operating system is purchase from the UK, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. The chairman of the group Jayesh Desai said “The Swiss chocolates maker with whom we have tied up is number one in Switzerland”. The marketing head of Rajhans Nutriments Shubhra Kallani said “We will launch our products in eight states including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Rajasthan , Karnataka, Delhi and West Bengal." This chocolates is costlier compare to other chocolates which selling in the market.
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Chaudhari Gitanjali K.
i have completed M.E. Electronics with distinction with 65 percentage. Is there any vacancy suit to me please replay...
Posted On: 22/09/2014 05:57:56
Anil thanki
plese reple me
Posted On: 29/10/2013 14:32:22
Anil thanki
i want your chocolate distubusionship of shaurashtra &kuchch
Posted On: 29/10/2013 14:29:18
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Swiss chocolates Made in Surat
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