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Nir Gujarati D. Lehengas by Occasion Nir Gujarati

D.     Lehengas by Occasion

Indian lehengas by occasion can be divided into the following categories:

  • Bridal Ghagra/Lehenga Choli
  • Wedding Ghagra/Lehenga Choli
  • Festival Wear Ghagra Choli
  • Party Wear Lehenga Choli



1.     Bridal Ghagra/Lehenga Choli

On the wedding day, the Indian bride

wants to look best when all eyes are set on her. The bridal dress is bought with a lot of care. For a bride, her bridal dress is her topmost priority.

In different parts of India, brides wear different kinds of clothes
, ornaments and adornments. The bride's clothes are usually typical of the area. A Punjabi bride would wear a salwar-kameez, and a Maharashtrian bride would wear a nine-yard saree and a Rajasthani bride would wear a lehenga. Lehenga choli is also famous in Gujarati weddings. However, nowadays, not only in Rajasthan and Gujarat but also in almost all states of Central and North India, the brides are preferring to wear lehenga choli or ghagra choli.

Convenient to wear, easy to manage even if it is very heavy, colour, craft and custom made are some of the plus points that go in favour of this beautiful and gorgeous attire-it is a must in a bride's wardrobe. Infact, more than just a gorgeous outfit, the Indian bridal wear holds a lot of emphasis in the Indian tradition, as there is no greater event in an Indian family than a wedding.

Indian bridal ghagra cholis are generally made of fabrics like silk, crepe, dupion, georgette, satin and all types of man-made fabrics which are available in range of colors, designs, thickness and styles.

Design and Colour
On the Indian subcontinent, bright colours are the highlights of bridal wear. The rich colours which are used are symbolic of festivity/fertility. Today brides prefer a contemporary look, a balance of modern with the tradition. Yet, there are brides who don't mind being more flamboyant or going for the 'mix and match look'. Metallic yarn is traditionally used on these garments.

During the actual wedding ceremony, conducted in front of the fire, the motifs and the colours of the ensemble glow.

The traditional lehenga-choli in soft pastel shades with light embroidery is an ideal outfit for the Sangeet ceremony. The bridal lehenga-cholis with their glittering mirror-work look very attractive. The blouses have elaborate mirror-work and patch-work on them and are very colorful. Sequins work and handwork is very much in demand along with beadwork. Designer Indian bridal wear are available in different styles and prices. The intricately embroidered lehenga choli gives a very elegant and sophisticated look.

2. Wedding Ghagra/Lehenga Choli

Indian marriages

are celebrated very lavishly. Every wedding season brings in its own changes in fashions! Not only the bride, but also all members in the family and guests want to look their best and stand out from the others. Nowadays, one gets to see the latest trends in marriages. People today are more conscious about their looks. They are more particular about the type of clothes they wear and the make up or hairstyle they do. Therefore the Indian market has various options to offer for the wedding season.

Though, sarees are very much in fashion in a traditional Indian wedding, Indian ladies are also opting for traditional ghagra or lehenga cholis. In today's wedding functions, woman also prefers to wear ghagra choli.


Various options available for Indian Wedding ghagra cholis are as follows:              

  • People are opting for exclusive designer ghagra choli.
  • The most colourful traditional bandhani ghagra cholis (tie & dye) for wedding, from Jaipur, Rajasthan are also popular.
  • Silk ghagra cholis with intricate handwork.
  • Wedding ghagra choli with dazzling embroidery work in resham, gota patti, zari, gold & silver threads etc.
  • Georgette lehenga choli with little or heavy embroidery on it are also preferred and so on.

The list of choice is endless. The wedding ghagra cholis are always gorgeous and make any lady look gorgeous.



1.     Festival Wear Ghagra Choli

India can be described as a land of festivals as well. Festivals are essential threads woven in the fabric of Indian society. There are special occasions for social get-together with family, friends and neighbours to forge new bonds and strengthen the existing ones. There are probably more festivals and occasions for celebrations than there are days in a year. All these celebrations have religious, seasonal and social elements to them.

There are different dresses
for different occasions. Lehenga choli is most popular Indian wedding dress which is also worn at other festive occasions as well. Well known among the Rajhastani, but this outfit has gained popularity and nowadays worn with greater relish and styles all over. Some festivals and celebrations in India which compell an Indian lady to wear a ghagra choli are as follows:

This is perhaps the most well-known of all the Indian festivals. The festival of lights enlightens our lives each year with memories of the past and illuminates our future with hope and joy. Ladies wear simple lehenga choli on this day.

Karwa chauth
This is a ritual of fasting observed by married Hindu women seeking the longevity, well-being and prosperity of their husbands. It is popular amongst married women in the northern and western parts of India, especially, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. This festival comes 9 days before Diwali. On this day, in the evening, women dress
up in specialclothes, usually a red or pink sari or an intricately embroidered 'lehenga-choli'. Some even wear their bridal costume.

Teez is a festival to mark the advent of monsoon and celebrated in Rajasthan. Women in Rajasthan dress up in bright coloured ghagra cholis during this festival.

Dandia is the most awaited traditional dance festival in India celebrated very lavishly in Gujarat. It is a must for every Gujarati ladies to wear Ghagra cholis during this festival. Apart from Gujarat, Dandiyas are also performed nowadays in other states & cities like Mumbai.

Eid is one of the famous fastivals when Muslim women wear this costume.


2.     Party Wear Lehenga Choli

When we talk of parties, there are birthday parties, marriage, marriage anniversaries, kitty parties, official parties, family get togethers and so on. Indians celebrate any kind of festive occasion with great zeal and enthusiasm. In any occasion, every one wants to look their best. There is an emergence of variety of dresses both Indian and Western in the market for party wear. Indian ladies prefer to wear saree, salwar suit or other formal western wear in parties. However, keeping in mind, the occasion, some ladies prefer to wear ghagra cholis in parties like sangeet ceremony before a wedding or a theme party where you are supposed to wear traditional outfit.

Today, young girls prefer a contemporary look. They don't mind being more flamboyant or going for the 'mix and match look'. For party wear, heavily embroidered ghagra cholis with sequins and other stones.

are not always preferred. If it is a sangeet ceremony, ladies go for pastel shades with light embroidered lehenga cholis. Generally, the fabric is georgette, crepe, chiffon, net and sometimes silk. Even the cotton bandhani printed ghagra cholis are preferred.

Most of these party wear ghagra cholis are not the regular umbrella shaped ones. Rather, the lehengas are mermaid shaped or A cut or fish tail or straigh cut lehengas so as to give a sleek look to the wearer. The colours are generally soft pastel and earth colours. These party wear ghagra cholis are designer ones and also inspired by bollywood. Even the choli (blouse
) has undergone a sea change. There are sleeveless blouses, spaghetti straps, and bell sleeves to give a different look to the traditional outfit.


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