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List of Navratri Event in Dubai 2015

Navratri Festival in Dubai is a very big celebration for Indian expatriates who have settled from Mumbai and major cities of Gujarat.  Navratri is a festival of nine nights of dance of Dandiya Raas and Garba.

Dandiya Raas is a dance using colorful painted bamboo sticks with ghunghroos making jingling melodious sound and moving gracefully on the rhythmic beats of traditional drums in large circles in clockwise and anti-clockwise manner. Durga the Hindu Deity destroyed Mahisura who was a demon King with her sword but instead of swords bamboo sticks are as a dance form to rejoice this victory.

Garba dance is derived from Garbh which mean the womb and a dance performed round the earthern lighted lamp placed in the middle signifying LIFE. 

Navratri Mahotsav 2015 - Raas Garba Events 2015



Navratri Mahotsav 2014 - Raas Garba Events 2014

Navratri Festival 2014

VENUE : Indian Club, Dubai              

Navratri and Diwali Dhamaka 2014

VENUE : Ramada Hotel, Bur Dubai

Glamorous gorgeous woman and young girls in backless colorful chaniya cholis and ghagaras is a sight every man in Dubai awaits to see.  Dubai being a highly cosmopolitan and a fashion conscious city the world's best designers take keen interest in show casing their work of traditional Chaniya Cholis made from contemporary Kutchi mirror work and embellishment from Gujarat and Rajasthan. It has become an industry fetching lot of money for designers and retailers.

All major event management companies with DJs, Garba Artists, Garba Groups ,Bollywood Celebrity make good business during this colorful nine nights in major locations in Dubai be it resorts, playgrounds, Halls etc. The best of Gujarati and Indian culture is exhibited during Navratri and Dassera at Dubai. Dubai being an expensive city in the world, the elite and rich Gujarati community enjoy the best of celebration and merriment during Navratri coming from all round the globe.

Jyan jyan vase Gujarati, tya tya vase Gujarat!

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