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Products :GreenLand make Pressure Pump specially designed and developed by the company has following advantages
Contact Address : P/3, 5th Floor, Kalyani Apt, Sattar Taluka Society, Nr. Sakar- III, Opp. C. U. Shah college, Income  Ahmedebad, Gujarat India
Phone : +91 94260 80894
Email : contact@greenlandagroengg.net Website : http://www.greenlandagroengg.net
Company Profile : GreenLand Agro Engineering is founded by Mr. Bhimjibhai Patel. Prior to starting his new venture in the name of GreenLand Agro Engineering Mr. Bhimjibhai Patel has been associated with the Poultry Industry and Agriculture since last 30 years. Under the banner of Patel poultry products he has been instrumental in providing new technology to the indian poultry industry. A born technical wizard his services has been rightly acknowledged by the industry.

GreenLand Agro Engineering started in the year 2001 came up new solutions for humidification for textile industry, ginning and pressing industry. With its new fogging and evaporating system which has many advantage over the existing conventional humidification systems the company has plan to reach every small units in the textile industry, ginning and pressing industry.

The GreenLand Agro Engineering has young enthusiastic team for field work. The Team members are technically perfect. With this team GreenLand Serving his
clients 24 hour. Team is ready with Service Van - slogan "Save Water Save Life".


1) The PRESSURE PUMP is applicable for multi purpose use.

2) The PRESSURE PUMP is usable in spraying insecticides, removing dust etc. from the leaves of trees and plants.

3) The PRESSURE PUMP is specially designed for atmosphere control in green house.

4) The PRESSURE PUMP is also specially designed to down temperature in Poultry and Breeding farms through fogging system by creating high pressure by using various types of nozzles.

5) In Cotton Pressing and Ginning Units the above fogging system out of the heavy pressure created by the pressure pump is applied to maintain desired level of humidity which allows flying fluff to settle down whereby the staple length of cotton is also maintained.

6) For cleaning the horticulture products, cattle, farming equipments viz. Tractors, Tillers, Harvesters etc. Our PRESSURE PUMP is greatly useful.

7) The water waste will also be avoided.

8) For washing and cleaning of poultry houses, its equipments etc.

9) For Tissue Culture House and Mushroom projects this pressure pump is indispensable.

10) Horticulture products can be stored in tact without perishing for a longer period with the help of pressure pump.

11) Available in various models in single / 3phase and various horsepower.
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