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Products :Delicious variety of Pan and A Larg Rang of different Product
Contact Address : SB-37 & 49 Windsor Plaza, Alkapuri,  vadodara, Gujrat India
Phone : 91-265-6532526
Email : info@Paraspanhouse.com Website : http://www.paraspanhouse.com
Company Profile : Mention one difference between india and rest of the world and pop come the reply...Paan.

Much as we hate to see paan stains in public places, chewing paan after dinner is one indulgence exclusive to the country. While Muchchand Paan is the most popular personality in the paan making fraternity, Vadodara has a number of families serving the sweet tooth of people on the lookout for an after mint post meal time. Paan Chewing is a habit developed in the vedic ages. The sages would give therapeutic medicines to regulate digestion and bowel movement by wrapping the medicine herbs in a betel leaf. Slowly, people found Supari and catechus (Kattha), herbs that provided relief from cough, sore throat and mouth ulcers, to be good after meal accompaniment. Paan became a piece de resistance at the Nawabi courts where paan lovers would order for gold and silver cases to hold paan, design a Pikdaan to spit out remains and have special nutcrackers encrusted with precious stone to crack Supari into fine flakes.

Vadodara has picked the Paan eating habit. Women and youth prefer the Shingoda Paan, an all sweet, no Supari Paan filled with sweet treats like coconut powder, rose marmalade, tutti-frutti, nutmeg, preserved cherries and sugar crystals. The paan is refrigerated and served icy cold sprinkled with lovely, a special flavoring. As one gets more adventurous, there are also other varieties of paan like chocolate paan, having the contents of Shingoda Paan wrapped in a layer of melted chocolate. There is a holiday special variety that adds dry fruit, honey and sweet Supari to the mix.
For the die hard paan aficionado there are the three standard and popular varieties of Paan, which can be savored over a choice of supari and Paan masala. The Calcutti is a sweet paan, a bit stronger than the Shingoda and containing kattha. Banarasi paan is a spicy flavored paan with a hint of choona (lime) that gives you a tingling sensation as you gulp the pulp. The experts who prefer a mature, nonsweet taste to their Paan taste Maghai paan. A true blue paan maker shall treat the paan leaf as a canvas and whip it up with all that the customer desires. If it tastes good, you have created a masterpiece. If it doesn’t, you can always spit it out and start over a new leaf.
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