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IVORIES Laser Dental Clinic & Dental Implant Center - Ahmedabad Visited : 11421
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Products :dental implants, painless root canal treatment, braces, ceramic fixed teeth, fixed dentures, teeth whitening, teeth cavity fillings, full dentures, flexible dentures, bonding, smile designing, cosmetic dentistry, wisdom tooth removal
Contact Address : 304, Maulik Arcade, Opp. Mansi Tower, Vastrapur , Satellite Ahmedabad - 380015  Ahmedabad, Gujarat India
Phone : 079 - 2676 6166 Cell : +91 9879936039
Email : ivoriesdentalclinic@gmail.com Website : http://www.ivoriesdentalclinic.com
Company Profile : IVORIES is a multi-specialty laser dental clinic and dental implant center of India, based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India created with a mighty combination of ultra modern dental technology and artistic hand skills of their lead specialist dentists - Dr. Alaap Shah And Dr. Kinjal Shah, paving way for a clinical environment that is both - result oriented as well as patient friendly, such that it can alleviate the fear for dental treatments. The clinic Ivories environment re-instates the significance of total dental care, as the dentists believe that a balanced oral + dental health is the gateway to healthy human body.

At IVORIES, it is believed that a relationship with a patient begins with his/her very first dental inquiry by an email or a phone call, which then generates a platform for long term bonds, by overcoming their apprehension for dental treatments and worries of dental treatment costs. The clients thereafter realize that their dream of a confident smile and a desire for regaining his / her original [natural] eating [chewing] efficiency could see the light of the day.

They would then satisfy their existing dental needs/ problems and also be guided in a way that they can learn all preventive measures so as to avoid future dental problems. Surely, a stitch in time saves nine.

At IVORIES, it is of utmost significance for the lead specialist dentists and the ancillary staff to make sure that the entire dental center, beginning with the waiting lounge to dental operatory area, is absolutely hygienic and does not give an impression / perception of a typical hospital. The disinfection protocol at the dental center is strictly adhered to as per the norms laid down by international bodies /dental councils. In any dental examination or a procedure, Single use disposable items are immediately disposed, in front of the patients, to guarantee the code of conduct for sterilization at the dental center and the non-disposable steel equipments are thoroughly processed to make them germ-free by the standard four step sterilization.

The increasing cost of healthcare overseas has motivated people to lookout for treatment options worldwide with cost effectiveness and at par treatment quality. India and specifically, Ahmadabad has emerged as a leading destination for medical and dental tourism for one and all, because of its state of the art technology and relatively affordable treatment costs. IVORIES DENTAL CLINIC & IMPLANT CENTER has earned a repute of its own for dental tourism for patients from USA, CANADA, UAE, UK, AUSTRALIA, etc for their dental needs especially dental implants and cosmetic dental treatments which are exorbitantly costly in their home country. Our patients have realized that their sum total of airfare, dental treatment costs, touring and even shopping in INDIA, has been at least 8 to 10 times less than just the treatment costs in their home country. To ease their entire visit, we have a dedicated travel desk which provides services to the patients for planning their trip to INDIA primarily for their dental treatments, supplemented with touring and sightseeing within GUJARAT and INDIA as a whole [if desired]. We call it a dental vacation, rejuvenation of oral health and a tryst with nature, culture, heritage, cuisine, music and festivals, architectural prowess of AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT AND INDIA. One has to just provide the dental problem description and the tentative period for which he / she may be able to come. Everything else may be planned for and around the dental treatments required for the concerned patients in accordance with their suitability.

Conclusively, skillful dentistry by DR ALAAP SHAH and DR KINJAL SHAH and state of the art technology at IVORIES DENTAL CLINIC AND IMPLANT CENTER offers to the INDIAN NATIONALS, NON-RESIDENT GUJARATIS, NON-RESIDENT INDIANS, and FOREIGN INDIVIDUALS, highly professional dental services of international standards garnished with a soothing, pain relieving warmth and personalized care.
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