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Ganeshpura Temple Ahmedabad Gujarat
Ganpatipura Temple near Ahmedabad History

On the date of Vikram Samvat 933's Ashad Vad 4th, Sunday, while digging in the land near tree's and shrubs in Hathel Lord Ganesha's idol was found with Golden Anklets, Kundal in ears, Crown on Head and Kandora on Waist. on that day there was an argument among the leaders of the villages Koth, Rojka and Vankutaas as to who will take the idol of Lord Ganesh.They decided to put the idol in cart without ox and let it go where the lord wishes.

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The cart without ox stopped at Ganpatipur where shepherd "Dudo" had established Shaktimata of Gokul. Lord Ganesha's cart stopped there and the idol came down oneself from the cart. So from then onwards the land was known as today Ganeshpura Temple near Ahmedabad. The same date and day is found embossed in Arnej But. The name Arnej has been named after the pujari Ambaram Pandit. On that day this journalism was written and given to barot.

In the year 1928 Shree Shajanand Bapa passes by the village Ganpatipura and rested between the two rano. A person named Kanbi Patel Bhagat of village Koth tried to take Bapa to Koth but he didn't go. This literature was obtained from the books of Bharvad Barot Jilubhai Mohanbhai from Lilapur.

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Renovations of Ganeshpura Temple Ahmedabad

The committee 'Koth Ganeshpura Mandir Koth Trust, Renovation committee shall under take the rebuilding of the temple as well as up gradation of the facilities for the pilgrims. Under this effort following activities shall be upgraded/ built.

Plaza/ 'Chowk' in front of temple gate.

Temple complex.

Prarthna grih for 'Havans' puja etc.

Flooring of temple court yard.

Shops for 'Puja samagri'.

Prasad grih.

Guest rooms.

Dining hall along with kitchen.

Drinking water facilities.

Approach road development/ Widening and resurfacing to the temple.

Public sanitation & rest rooms.

Parking area for various kinds of vehicles.

All the Ganesh Chaturthi (Vad) is festival for pilgrims - more than 3, 00,000 pilgrims visits the Ganeshpura Mandir near Ahmedabad for darshana on this day. The Chaturthi is considered as very sacred and pious among the believer of the Lord Ganesha.

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Trust mandal makes an arrangement to provide "Falahar" (Fasting food) on Ganesh Chaturthi (Vad) in addition to the tea for whole day.

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Ganeshpura Temple Ahmedabad Gujarat
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