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Dahi Handi Mumbai 2013 Celebration by Bollywood Super Stars
Dahi Handi Mumbai 2013 Celebration by Bollywood Super Stars

Dahi Handi Celebration in Mumbai is always special with B-Town Super Stars and their special celebrity style.

This year Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan, honey-eyed Hrithik Roshan, Hot Bipasha Basu and more celebrity fully enjoy Janmashtami Festival in Mumbai. Gokulashtami celebrations every year to cheer on the enthusiastic Govindas is customary. And, of course, there is almost always compensation involved.

Some bollywood big stars make their starry presence in 2013 Dahi Handi Celebration Mumbai. In several Dahi Handi sites across Aamchi Mumbai, where prizes running into crores of rupees will be up for grabs, obviously for the Govindas! This year Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Bipasha Basu, Esha Deol and others are all likely to be present at super Dahi Handi celebrations.

Shahrukh Khan to attend Dahi Handi Gokulashtami Celebration 2013 in Worli Mumbai

Salman Khan is highly active actor in Ganesh Chaturthi and much other festival celebration. Following in the footsteps of Salman khan, Shahrukh was attending Dahi Handi in Worli this Janmashtami. Surprised Guys? Yes, this is a real fact that Bollywood Badshah to attend Dahi Handi Mumbai 2013 Celebration. Shahrukh Khan joined Govindas Gang to enjoy this festival.

Hrithik Roshan to attend Gokulashtami Celebration in Mumbai

Dashing HR has been known to shy away from public events, but he made an exception to grace a Dahi Handi event to celebrate Lord Krishna’s birthday this year too. People predict that Hrithik’s Movie Krrish 3 is released soon and that’s the reason why HR does indirect publicity in Dahi Handi Celebration. This celebration participation is fabulous opportunity for Bollywood’s ultimate superhero to promote his new flick Krrish 3.

Esha Deol also joined to Shahrukh and Hrithik for Gokulashtami Celebration Mumbai 2013

Very Rare ! Dhoom Girl Esha Deol also joined this big B-Town Group to celebrate this religious festival by her beliefs. One reason to join this group is also that her stunning beautiful mother Hema malini who performs on Janmashtami every year. This Year Esha Deol also Perform on worli stage to encourage all Govindas for this celebration.

Bipasha Basu celebrate Dahi Handi 2013 in Pune

Like other bollywood actress, the super hot but religious girl Bipasha Basu will also make an appearance at Janmashtami Celebration 2013, but not in Mumbai; Bipasha will be in Pune cheering on the saffron dressed Govindas. We heard that Huma Qureshi also joined Bips in Pune.

So, Friends !! this is your favorite information of bollywood stars and bollywood gossip. Dahi Handi Celebration is a new fashion of B-Town stars to expose their selves in market.

Be in touch with us and regularly update yourself with more and more hatke news. Write your views and suggestion in below Comment Box..

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Dahi Handi Mumbai 2013 Celebration by Bollywood Super Stars
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