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Narendra Modi = Growth of Gujarat ? ?


Narendra Modi = Growth of Gujarat ? ?

Growth of Gujarat under Narendra Modi ? ?

Development of Gujarat under Narendra Modi ? ?

In last 5 years, everybody has seen that people are not fooling themselves any more, everybody keeping their eyes and ears open, they are thinking twice before VOTING ! ! . They want “LEADER” not “Political Leader”.

Considering the overall growth potential of Gujarat, the Planning Commission had set a target growth rate of 10.2% for Gujarat in the 10th five year plan compared to the average of 8.2% for the entire country; and true to this spirit of economic buoyancy, Gujarat achieved a growth rate of 15% in the first year itself and surpassed the target of 10.2% set by the planning commission.

What is more important is that the growth is coupled with financial discipline. Soon after he became the Chief Minister, Shri Narendra Modi focused on curtailing government expenditure and emphasized on the recovery of government dues. In Gujarat, development expenditure is more than the non-development expenditure in Gujarat, which is an unusual phenomenon. Gujarat’s GDP growth has scaled to 11.3% and Agriculture has grown at nearly 10.97% per annum.

Gujarat was a power deficient state but today, it is distributing 24-hour electricity to all the 18,000-odd villages in the State. With proper conservation and management of water and electricity, Jyoti Gram Yojna has changed the socio-economic conditions of Gujarati, creating a mass awareness too.

Shri Narendra Modi has created new benchmarks in corporate excellence and has taken Indian business to a new echelon of fame. Shri Modi has created an environment, governance system and basic infrastructure where rich and poor, young and established entrepreneurs can live, work and do business. When the whole world was reeling under the economic slowdown, Shri Narendra Modi’s vision and governance made Gujarat achieve an unprecedented double digit economic growth. Gujarat has registered a GDP growth of over 10 percent over past five years which is the highest growth rate among all Indian states.

Gujarat has a new set of objectives to meet the fast paced globalization drive that is captivating most successful economies today. Gujarat’s Industrial Policy 2009 catalyzes robust, sustainable and inclusive growth. USP of his development has been a quantum leap with many initiatives that rolled a red carpet for investors to eye on Gujarat’s development, the only State with ‘Investor friendly’ policies. One of the key factors catalyzing Gujarat’s emergence as the most preferred investment destination is its security. Gujarat has the lowest crime rate in the country in last six years. Terrorist nexus, mafias and gangs have all lost grounds here.

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So, What You Say ?  ?


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Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India


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Modi is the only leader who can establish the india as a top global positioning country
Posted On: 01/11/2013 07:25:35
elect NARENDRA MODI as PM to make our nation once again SUPER POWER
Posted On: 08/04/2013 09:51:33
Narendramodi should become the PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA to save our NATION from the "TERMITES"
Posted On: 08/04/2013 09:44:53
Mathi kumar
I will definitely vote for him.
Posted On: 27/12/2012 04:16:08
Mr. Narendra Modi is Most Suitable Leader to become the Prime Minister of India
Posted On: 11/12/2012 09:02:01
Narendra modi
Modi spend 11 years to serve Gujarat with all his efforts.Now Gujarat is known as one of the fast growing developing country of India.Today Gujarat government is providing 24-hours electricity in 18000 villages,Agriculture is growing at the rate of 10.97% per annum. Gujarat has a fast increase in production and other field.
Posted On: 13/10/2012 03:20:33
amrit jain
ap kya smjte hai ghandhi se desh ajad hua? nahai
agar subhas chandra boss,chander shekhsr ajad our sardar bhaghat singh nahai hote to desh aaj bhi gulam hota. ab sahi ajadi chahie to " narender bhai modi " ko PM banane mai tan,man,dhan our imandari se shyog kare.60 sal se bevkuf banane walo ko ghar bhejo.
Posted On: 02/09/2012 09:57:27
amrit jain
india ko ab sardar patel ki jaru rat hai. ghandhi (anna,baba) se desh nahai chalega. yane narender bhai ko PM banana deshwasiyo ke lea jaruri hai.
Posted On: 02/09/2012 09:50:20
being CM is not easy, vote for Mody
Posted On: 09/06/2012 01:19:07
Gujaratis are really lucky to have Mr .Modi as their CM. Hope we can also see him as our PM too. Mr.Narendra Modi - go and win the hearts of whole country.
Posted On: 31/05/2012 03:16:37
I will definitely vote for him.
Posted On: 31/05/2012 03:07:56
It is so true that Narendra Modi has changed Gujarat completely. The growth of Gujarat is unbelievable. Feeling proud being Gujarati.
Posted On: 31/05/2012 03:06:33
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Narendra Modi = Growth of Gujarat ? ?
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