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Hamirsar Lake Bhuj - Hamirsar Talav Bhuj Kutch
Hamirsar Lake Bhuj - Hamirsar Talav Bhuj Kutch

Hamirsar Lake Bhuj
, an excellent place to cool off on a hot afternoon. Hamirsar Lake in Bhuj is one of the best places in Bhuj for relaxation. From child to old people all are seat in one place in their extra time o spend with nature. Kutch Museum, Ramkund Stepwell, Ram Dhun Temple, Swaminarayan Temple and Alfred High School all situated very close to the every side of the lake.

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Biggest Event Kutch Carnival
is also placed around Hamirsar Talav Bhuj. Hamirsar Talav’s Named after the ruler of Jadeja - Rao Hamir, this man-made lake lies in the central area of Bhuj. With almost all the important sightseeing destinations of Bhuj located to its eastern part. In the center of the Hamirsar Bhuj water body is a colorful garden, which makes it look all the more beautiful.

The Hamirsar Lake Bhuj
was built during the reign of Rao Khengarji 1, the founder of Jadeja dynasty in Kutch, who named it after his father Rao Hamir. In Arround Hamirsar Lake very beautiful Khengarji Park is located. This park is also very famous in all gardens of Bhuj.

Bhuj Lake Hamirsar
before the earthquake of 2001 in Kutch had lost much of its catchments, and ability to energize the aquifers of Bhuj. However, after the earthquake, with a view to revive the traditional water system and to develop its catchment to meet the household water needs of population of Bhuj, awareness campaign activate the citizens, municipality, local press to do the bare minimum repairs to fill up the lake in 2003. The Hamirsar Lake became safe and sound before the monsoons of 2003 to impound water.

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Hamirsar Lake Bhuj - Hamirsar Talav Bhuj Kutch
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