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Shree Khodaldham Kagvad - Shilapujan Vidhi on 21st January 2012 at Khodal Dham Trust Kagwad

Shree Khodaldham Kagvad - Shilapujan Vidhi on 21st January 2012 at Khodal Dham Trust Kagwad

SHREE KHODALDHAM  -  Shila Poojan Vidhi at Kagwad

Date                      :  21/01/2012  ( 21st January 2012 )

Day                       :  Saturday

Time                     :  7 AM Onwards

Location               :  Kagvad, Near Virpur, 8-B National Highway, Approx 60 K.M. from Rajkot, Gujarat-India

On 21st January ………….……………………………………......

21,000 Sheela Pujan in Khodaldham Kagvad

21 Temples for God - Goddess in Khodaldham

21,000+ Couple in Sheela Pujan Vidhi at Khodaldham

21,00,000+ People in Sheela Pujan Event at Khodaldham

Event Registered in “Guinness Book of World Records”

210,00,00,000+ Donation in just 3 Hours for Development of Khodaldham in Kagvad


You can check Original Photos taken at "Khodaldham - Kagwad" on 21st January in
Sheela Pujan Event. All Photos are taken by  "NriGujarati.Co.In PR Team".

Guinness Book of World Record Team has regested this Khodaldham Event
under "Guinness Book of World Records 2012".

Guinness Book of World Record Team has visited this historical event
of Leuva Patel Samaj in Khodaldham Kagvad and presented certificate
to Mr.Naresh Patel, Pramukh of Khodaldham Trust Kagvad.

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Team NriGujarati.Co.In

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Sub Category : Khodaldham Kagwad
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hiren varsani
jay khodiyarma
Posted On: 16/01/2012 07:00:06
khachariya vishal
chalo khodal dham maa khodiyr na chrno ma "jay khodal"
khachariya parivar tarfthi jay jay khodiyr jay khodal
Posted On: 16/01/2012 02:52:57
jay shree khodal dham
Posted On: 15/01/2012 23:06:15
Posted On: 15/01/2012 22:58:48
Mohit patel
Jay khodal dham
Posted On: 15/01/2012 22:41:12
lalit mangukiya
Posted On: 15/01/2012 01:37:38
lalit mangukiya
jay maa khodiyar jesar mangukiya parivar
Posted On: 15/01/2012 01:31:41
mahi vaghasiya
good thought.......................
Posted On: 13/01/2012 07:17:22
pankaj bhuva
jay ma khodal.jay bhojalram.jay sardar
Posted On: 13/01/2012 04:49:41
amit gajera
Jay maa khodal

Jay sardar

Jay bhojalram
Posted On: 13/01/2012 00:02:13
pankaj Rabadiya
Jai ma khodal
Rabadiya Family
Posted On: 12/01/2012 00:43:34
hiren vaghasiya
jay shree khodal maa
vaghasiya family
Posted On: 10/01/2012 07:59:32
ai shri ma khodal

Desai parivar vati...
Posted On: 10/01/2012 02:03:21
patel sachin
jay sheree khodal dham
Posted On: 09/01/2012 07:09:05
sakariya mukesh
jay jay khodiyar
Posted On: 08/01/2012 22:37:18
Ashok Dangariya
wel-come to Shree Khodaldham Kagwad 21 January 2012.
Posted On: 07/01/2012 22:49:30
Jay ma khodal
Jay BHOJAL RAM jay sardar
Posted On: 07/01/2012 08:48:38
atul vora
jay jay khodiyar
Posted On: 07/01/2012 02:52:20
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Shree Khodaldham Kagvad - Shilapujan Vidhi on 21st January 2012 at Khodal Dham Trust Kagwad
Shree Khodaldham Kagvad - Shilapujan Vidhi on 21st January 2012 at Khodal Dham Trust Kagwad , Khodaldham, Shree Khodaldham Kagvad, Shilapujan Vidhi, Khodaldham Kagvad, Khodal Dham Trust Kagvad, Khodal Dham Trust Kagwad, Shree Khodaldham Kagwad, Khodaldham Kagwad, Maa Khodal, Leva Patel Khodaldham Trust, Ma Khodal, Nri Gujarati Portal, Khodaldham Mahotsav, Leuva Patel Khodaldham Trust Gujarat India, Khodaldham Utsav, Khodaldham Rajkot, Shree Khodaldham, Khodaldham Trust Kagvad Gujarat India, NriGujarati.Co.In
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