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Ranchhodraiji Temple Dakor Gujarat - Dakor Temple Information

Ranchhodraiji Temple Dakor Gujarat - Dakor Temple Information

Dakor Temple Information

Dakor city is located in the Kheda District of Gujarat State in India. The place is prominent for its grand temple of Shree Ranchhodraiji. The holy land of Dakor is connected through rail and road to many places and Dakor station lies on the Anand-Godhra Rail route. Dakor is at a distance of around 90kms from Vadodara city.

Ranchhodraiji Temple Dakor Gujarat

History has it that there used to be a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna, Bodana. Bodana used to walk all the way from Dakor to the far off city of Dwarka, which is the birthplace of Shri Krishna, on every full moon night. Age and other aspects although kept posing hindrance in his path but Bodana did not stop. It is said that Lord Krishna then paid him a visit and told him that there was no need for him to go to Dwarka, rather Lord Krishna would accompany him and stay in Dakor with Bodana.

Dakor Krishna Temple Gujarat

Around 70-80 lacs of devotees flock the place every year and on “Fagun Purnima”, the crowd is massive. The entire city gets ready and decks up to welcome devotees of Lord Krishna from all around the world. The entire city is in the celebration mode at this time around.

Full moon days see massive crowds to the temple and a carnival like scenario welcomes everybody. Fairs, lights, devotional music are prevalent in the period of February-March, and on the day of “Holi” festival as well.

Lord Krishna is said to bestow his presence as “Ranchhodrai” among his devotees at Dakor on “Sharad Purnima”, along with his devotee Bodana. This is to mark his fulfillment of the promise.


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it is very nice place..i have gone there
Posted On: 24/09/2012 01:10:00
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Ranchhodraiji Temple Dakor Gujarat - Dakor Temple Information
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