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Which is State Tree of Gujarat India - Banyan (Vadlo) Tree Photos - Types of Banyan Tree

Which is State Tree of Gujarat India - Banyan (Vadlo) Tree Photos - Types of Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree is a tree of Gujarat State. It is also known as Bargad, Barh and Vatavriksh. It is mostly seen near the temple or in the farm. It is a very big tree with a deep root and trunks. It is the symbol of God Brahma, God Vishnu and Lord Shiva. There is a spiritual of hindu people to workship the banyan tree. It is said that god Krishna lives in the leaf of banyan tree. Meditation is done by saint under the banyan tree.

The leaves of banyan tree are large in size and oval in shape. In Gujarati it is said that banyan means merchant not tree because it gives shades to the village people, traveler and the merchant. Banyan tree lives for many years. There are many other species in banyan tree. The banyan tree is very much useful for making medicine. Diseases like pain of joints, Rashes, Hair problem, Tooth problem, Pimple, Skin diseases, cracked heels and many other diseases can be cure by it. Everyone should grow one tree.

Trees play an important role in our life. Life without trees is not possible. A tree gives us fruit, vegetables, wood and many other things. We get oxygen from the tree. Trees should be grown to keep the green atmosphere and nature. Tree absorbs the Carbon dioxide and gives us oxygen. Trees are grown everywhere in garden, farm, jungle, forest, house, on roads etc. The Environment surrounding us will give fresh air and oxygen to breathe.

Pollution can be reduced by planting tree. We feel fresh and relaxed under the shade of tree. Trees are also important for animals and birds living the forest or jungle because their houses are tree. More trees and the rain will also be more. Modern Facilities and modern lifestyle that we are living are given by trees only. By cutting off the trees we get wood and it is used in many things. The wood gives the facility of table, chair, cupboard, bed etc. for the comfort of us.

Tree gives us medicines and food. Van Mahotsava is celebrated in Gujarat. Green house effect is done by planting more trees. The green house effect is a process to allow sunlight to heat the surface inside the greenhouse and absorbs the outgoing radiations. The increase in the temperature of earth gives the birth to the global warming.

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Which is State Tree of Gujarat India - Banyan (Vadlo) Tree Photos - Types of Banyan Tree
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