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Randal Maa Na Dadva Mandir - Famous Randal Mataji Temple in Gujarat India

Randal Maa Na Dadva Mandir - Famous Randal Mataji Temple in Gujarat India

Ravi Randal Maa is a Hindu Goddess and Kuldevi. Randal Maa main temple is located in Dadva, Gujarat. She is thought to be the consort of the Sun Deity “Ravi/Surya” and hence the name "Ravi" is added to her own name.

Address of Randal Maa Dadva Mandir: Randal Mataji Temple, Dadva, Gujarat 362620

Randal Mataji is mainly worshipped by the Gujarati people of India. \She is said to be an avatar of Tripura Sundari, the ruling mother of three worlds. She is also well known and widely revered in various Indian lore (Vidya) and traditions sometimes known as Ranna Devi, or sometimes as Rajarajeswari (mother of the king of kings).

Dadva temple serves as one of the historical and religious place in Gujarat. Dadva Temple is surrounded by a various districts such as Amreli, Rajkot. It is situated 80-85 kms away from Rajkot in south Gujarat. As we know that villages are always full greeneries so Dadva is also having Greeneries and its own natural beauty. The quite night lets one to take pleasures by listening different voices made by nature.

Randal Mataji Na Lota   -   Randal Maa Ni Puja

The river vasavadi passes by the village making it more pleasant. The village is famous for this temple situated at the extreme of Dadva.

Shree Ravi Randal Mandir at Dadva is engaged in many different Religious and social activities which are as follows:-

Mataji Na Lota - A religious ritual/puja performed to please Randal Mataji.

Batuk Bhojan - to feed children and pleases Mataji.

Navratri - To celebrate nine days by playing garba on religious songs of  Mataji

Havan - A religious ritual by offering to the sacrificial fire.

Samuh Lagan - Group Marriage in which more than 1 couple get marry.

 Gaushala - Place where Cows are taken care of.

Lok Diaro - Gathering in which devotional songs and prayers are performed.      

Bhet - After navratri the girls who have played will be given gifts.

There are many Famous Temple of goddess Maa Randal in Gujarat, India. But Randal Maa Na dadva is very famous temple of Gujarat.

Randal Mataji blessed the Maldharis, warned the king of his ways and took a promise that he will not harm the Maldharis in future. Randal Mataji blessed the Maldharis with their place in heaven and disappeared. The people of Gujarat have been offering prayers to Randal Mataji since then.

Many People are coming at Randal Maa Na Dadva mandir for “Manta” and Wishes, Darshan. Randal Maa Dadva is a very religious place of goddess Maa Randal Devi…

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Randal Maa Na Dadva Mandir - Famous Randal Mataji Temple in Gujarat India
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