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Jalaram Temple near Chotila - Jai Jalaram Mandir on Rajkot-Ahmedabad Highway Gujarat

Jalaram Temple near Chotila - Jai Jalaram Mandir on Rajkot-Ahmedabad Highway Gujarat

Jalaram Temple near Chotila of Surendranagar district is famous in Gujarat. Shri Jalaram Bapa is a holy saint prayed by lots of people. Jai Jalaram Mandir near Chotila is visited by so many visitors every day.

Jalaram Temple near Chotila :

Shri Jalaram Satsang Mandal, Rajkot-Ahmedabad Highway, Ta-Chotila, Dist – Surendranagar, Gujarat

Shri Jalaram Temple is situated on Rajkot Ahmedabad Highway very close to Chotila village. Chotila is also a spiritual place for Hindu community people as there is a famous Chamunda Mata temple. Chotila is about 45 Kms away from Rajkot city.

Jalaram Temple (Rajkot-Ahmedabad Highway) Details :

Shri Dhirenbhai Raja, President of Jalaram temple trust had surveyed the area and under his leadership the glorious temple is build. Jalaram temple is spread in around 11 acres at Chotila. The whole Temple of Saint Jalaram is build of Pink Stone of Rajasthan. The temple house is spread in 22000 Sq ft area.

This Jalaram Mandir has many facilities like 2 times free food to needy and devotees, VIP Residential building, free accommodation, Mobile dispensary, 2 house doctors, Chabutro, Gaushala and others. At Shri Jalaram temple Chotila, the needy people and devotees are offered free food for 2 times in a day. The temple trust of Jalaram temple is also providing genuine accommodation place to devotees.

Jalaram temple is nearer to historical spiritual place Chotila so every day thousands of devotees are visiting Jalaram temple and also Chotila Chamunda Mataji temple. At Jalaram temple, you can find a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. The building of temple is very beautifully designed.

Shri Jalaram Bapa was born in Virpur village of Rajkot district so Virpur is also having spiritual place of Jalaram Bapa.

About Saint Jalaram Bapa :

Shree Jalaram Bapa was born in the year 1799 (i.e. 4-11-1799) in the village Virpur, Gujarat. His mother, Rajbai was very fond of serving sadhus and saints. No sadhu and saint could go from Virpur without receiving the hospitality Rajbai. Shree Jalaram Bapa's father's name was Pradhan Thakkar, who was engaged in business. At the fond age of 16, Jalaram Bapa married Virbai, daughter of Thakkar Pragji Somajia. Jalaram Bapa was however not inclined to live household life and to continue to do business with his father. He is mostly engaged in serving sadhus and saints. He separated himself from his father's bsiness and stayed with his uncle, Valjibhai, who was very fond of Jalaram.

There are many stories about the greatness of the saint of Virpur. In 1881 (i.e. 23-2-1881) Jalaram Bapa left his body in his prayers. This is the story of the great saint of Virpur.

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Jalaram Temple near Chotila - Jai Jalaram Mandir on Rajkot-Ahmedabad Highway Gujarat
Jalaram Temple near Chotila - Jai Jalaram Mandir on Rajkot-Ahmedabad Highway Gujarat
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