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Ahmedabad - Dholera Investment Region - Expressway Airport Road

Ahmedabad - Dholera Investment Region - Expressway Airport Road

The place of Dholera SIR is very near to the city of Ahmedabad. In fact, there is a mere distance of 30 kms between the two. The entire expressway, which is near the airport, is a hub of development. From shopping malls to amusement parks, it has it all. In fact, the government of Gujarat has invited both domestic as well as Gujarati NRIs to come forward and invest in the Dholera. This will be a great opportunity for both the segments as in terms of investment as well as growth and development in Dholera SIR.

Property in Dholera - Real Estate in Dholera - Residential Projects in Dholera SIR 

The government of Gujarat has introduced a lot of subsidies as well as other plans to encourage more and more people to invest in the region. Even the rates of EMI as well as other terms and conditions have been either reduced or altered to benefit small as well as medium range investors.

Property in Ahmadabad  -  Residential Plots in Ahmadabad  -  Flats in Ahmedabad

The Expressway Airport Road will consist more of commercial establishments and low rise residential buildings. Anything above that is a big no-no. With the International Airport in the vicinity, taller structure can create disturbances in the signals sent out by the air traffic control to the flights and vice versa.

The first phase of planning and development has been over and sent for approval to the Indian government. Post the approval, work will go on at a great speed in order to complete the entire Dholera Expressway airport region in a planned manner along the lines of Kobe city in Japan. 

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Ahmedabad - Dholera Investment Region - Expressway Airport Road
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