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Mani Mandir in Morbi Gujarat - History of Mani Mandir Temple
Mani Mandir in Morbi Gujarat - History of Mani Mandir Temple

Mani Mandi is a very famous mandir in Morbi Gujarat and the temple of Radha-Krishna, Shri Laxmi Naryana and God Shiva. Mani Mandir is one of the Great examples of the Temple Architecture in India.

Mani Mandir is a Dramatic Piece of Temple Building, Situated in the Courtyard of Wellingdon Secretariat in Morbi Gujarat. Mani Mandir Temple Built in 1935 this magnificent Structure took Shape in Jaipur Stone adorned with delicately fixed Elements-Arches, Brackets, Jalis, Chhatris and Shikhara. The Temple enshrines the Images of Lakshmi Narayan, Goddess Kali, Lord Ram, Radha- Krishna and Lord Shiva.

Mani Temple is also well known as Willingdon Secretariat or Wagh Mahel. In some part of History it’s told that this building was built by Sir Waghjee Thakor in the memory of his concubine ‘Mani’!


Mani Mandir Morbi Location

Location ----------------- courtyard of Wellington Secretariat


Mani Mandir Morbi History

The Manimandir of Morbi reflects the wonderful mental capacity of Shah Jahan as he built his Taj Mahal. This manimandir was also built with such sharp and unusual emotions at work. The history says. It is a symbol of Love in the history of Saurashtra.

The King of Morbi, Vaghji Thakor had built this manimandir in the memory of his beloved first wife Manibai, and is no less than a royal palace in its beauty of design and sculptures.

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Mani mandir closed from long time,so visiter look outside it from long distance & disappointed. Darbargadh & may be New palace also closed for general tourist . Hanging Bridge only attraction of MORBI.
Posted On: 07/02/2017 15:08:39
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Mani Mandir in Morbi Gujarat - History of Mani Mandir Temple
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