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Morbi No Julto Pul - Hanging Bridge/ Suspension Bridge - Jhulta Pool in Morbi Gujartat

Morbi No Julto Pul - Hanging Bridge/ Suspension Bridge - Jhulta Pool in Morbi Gujartat

Morbi is small city of Gujarat State. This beautiful city is located on the Bank of Machchhu and 67 Kames away from the Rajkot and 245 Kames away from the Ahmadabad. Julta Pull is very famous in Morbi

Julta Pooll is also known as a Suspension Bridge Morbi. The Suspension Bridge is a very famous Tourist place at Morbi. It is 1.25 m wide and spans 233 m on the Machchhu River connecting Darbargadh Palace and Lakhdhirji Engineering College.

This bridge was constructed with aim for Maharaja to cross River and Reach to his fort from “Darbar Grah”. The standard factor of this Bridge is that it Swings in air same as ‘Brooklyn Bridge’.


Julta Pull Morbi Address:

Location ------------------ Machchhu River, Darbargadh Palace, Morbi Gujarat


Morbi is a lively little Industrial Town in the Gujarat, India. The Famous for it’s a clocks, CFLs and ceramic tiles. A river called Macchu runs in between the town. Suspension Bridge is well known in the Morbi.

The Suspension Bridge an engineering marvel built at the turn of the Century Reflects the Progressive and Scientific Nature of the Rulers of Morbi. This was built to give a unique identity to Morbi using the latest Technology available in those days reflecting European Influence in the Structural design.

Morbi is known as “Paris of Saurashtra” in Morbi, Gujarat State of India. It is fastest growing business hub of the state due to growth of vitrified tiles, mosaic tiles, and other industries. Thousands of labors get employment from this industry and live their life. It is life line of Morbi city and without it, they can’t survive very well.

The Suspension Bridge (Hanging Bridge) is a very famous tourist place at Morbi. It is a Longest Bridge of Morbi, Gujarat. It is called as Suspension Bridge of Morbi. Hanging Bridge in Morbi, Morbi Julto Pul listed under Tourist Attraction of Morbi, Gujarat, India.

The visitor is welcomed into the MORBI city through a grand suspension bridge, an artistic and technological marvel of that period. European influence in town planning further contributed to a central square known as the Green Chowk, approachable by three gates each designed in its own inimitable style incorporating both Rajput and Italian elements.

The name itself is enough to explain about morbi...Its MORE BE represents “BE MORE”... Here you can see a latest photo of MORBI Julto pull Images.

Morbi District is in the state of Gujarat, India. It was formed on August 15 2013, along with several other districts, on the 67th Independence Day of India. Morvi city is the administrative headquarters of the district. This district is surrounded by Kutch district to the north, Surendranagar district to the east, Rajkot district to the south and Jamnagar district to the west.

Morbi is an Amazing city of Gujarat. Morbi has many attractive places as like Morbi no Julto Pull or Julto Pul Hanging Bridge. Morbi places to visit are UMA Resort, Art Deco Palace, Mani Mandir, Wellingdon Secretariat, Darbargarh Palace etc…

The Suspension Bridge Morbi no Julto pull, an engineering marvel built at the turn of the century, reflects the progressive and scientific nature of the rulers of Morbi. Here you can check pic of Morbi julto pull pictures…

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Morbi No Julto Pul - Hanging Bridge/ Suspension Bridge - Jhulta Pool in Morbi Gujartat
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