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True Talent Sports Pvt Ltd
Products :TPL Cricket Guide, Cricket Reality Show
Contact Addres : Mumbai Mumbai,Maharashtra
Phone : 86522 33311
Email :     Website :
Company Profile : True Talent Sports PVT. Ltd. presents a brand new unique reality show to publish hidden Indian cricket talents to show their game. 
True Talent India gives a spotlight to those hidden talents who craved to be on ground and those who have a fire to heat the ground with their stunning game. This format will be a gateway to all those talents coming from narrow lanes of different Indian cities to the centre field filled with cheering spectators. 
TPL is the brainchild of new age youngsters with an undying entrepreneurial spirit - Zahir Rana and Jay Desai. Zahir, a seasoned marketing professional having quality experience in concept marketing. Jay, a Guinness Book record holder as DJ playing for longest duration.

Cricket in India

India is the biggest sports market in the world with Cricket as the most favourite sport. With two international and one 20-20 World Cup wins, Cricket in india has become a dominant sport accounting for the vast majority of sports revenues (whether TV rights, sponsorship or event). The key driver behind this phenomenon is the captive audience that the sport presents to media companies who are looking to broaden their coverage to give them increased advertising revenue potential.

In the last ten years, many sports and franchises have recognized this trend and successfully tapped into this opportunity. According to a survey of SMG insight, Cricket is the most ‘Popularity and Participation of Sports in India’ on the basis of the facts:

85% respondents watch cricket, on TV or in the media, with interest across age groups, income and even gender with 76% of women following this sport.

62% play cricket at least four times a year.

Sport provides the top 6 events followed by the Indian public, with interest ranging from 53% (Tests) to 72% (IPL).

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