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Jagannath Temple Ahmedabad Gujarat - Jagannath Mandir

Jagannath Temple Ahmedabad Gujarat - Jagannath Mandir

Jagannath Temple Ahmedabad History 

Jagannath Temple or the Jagadish temple is very close to Sabarmati and is a very attractive temple. The temple has great reverence among those who believe in it and staunch supporters of Sri Krishna or Vishnu. It is said that more than 500 years ago, the entire place was a thick forest and later the temple was developed.

Jagannath Rath Yatra in Ahmedabad   -   Jagannath Rath Yatra Rout in Ahmedabad

Jagannath Temple Ahmedabad Decoration   -   Ahmedabad Jamalpur Jagannath Mandir Photos

Jagannath Temple Information

The temple and its interiors are richly decorated. The entire temple is beautiful and extremely grand to look at the idol of Lord Jagannath, His sister Subhadra and brother Balram evoke a sense of devotion in the heart and tranquillity to the mind of the devotees. The temple is frequented by many foreigners who are great devotees of lord Krishna.

Unlike other temples, this temple is quite special as there are many festivals and rituals observed in the temple, which are related to Sri Jagannathji.

Festivals celebrated at Jagannath Temple Ahmedabad:

Gau Puja

Guru Poornima


Rath Yatra also known as the Lokotsav

Krishna Janmashtami

Hindola Darshan




Auspicious AkshyaTritiya


Holi and Dhuleti


Basant Panchami

Uttrayan with Tulsi Vivah as well

Nav-varsh Chhappanbhog

One of the biggest and the most grandest of all pujas performed here in this temple is the Rathyatra. It is believed to be auspicious if one can pull the rath and therefore thousands of people tend to follow the ritual of pulling the chariot.

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Jagannath Temple Ahmedabad Gujarat - Jagannath Mandir
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