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Kuber Bhandari Vadodara - Kuber Bhandari Temple Gujarat

Kuber Bhandari Vadodara - Kuber Bhandari Temple Gujarat

Kuber Bhandari Temple Vadodara

Kuber Bhandari Temple lies in the village Karnali near the famous religious town of Chanod. Chanod is located near Dabhoi in Vadodara district of Gujarat State and lies at a distance of around 36 kilometers from there. Being at a very reachable distance from Vadodara city, it helps the devotees to visit this place easily.

History of Kuber Bhandari Temple Karnali

Legend has it that Lord Shiva was en-route through the jungles surrounding the area along with Goddess Parvati and seeing the absence of any food and water in the area, he made appropriate decision to always be there in the form of food and water for the passing by pilgrims in this remote area. Since then, he has been adulated here in this temple as the Lord of never ending food, water, wealth - Lord Kuber.

The temple is located at a height of around 800 feet above the coast of river Narmada, which flows along the site of the temple, adding to natural glory of the entire place. To reach the temple height, devotees have to work hard and climb a good 680 steps in all, which is made easy by their utmost devotion towards Lord Kuber. Lord Kuber has always been worshipped as the Lord of fame and wealth and this particular temple is said to be around 2500 years old.

Kuber Bhandari Gujarat

Kuber Bhandari Temple serves as one amongst the very few places where Lord Rahu is worshipped with appropriate Mantras and Shlokas and it is said that he as a result changes his place or Sthan in the Rashis of his devotees; relinquishing them from any harm and bringing in good luck in return.

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Is two days stay is possible at Kuber Bhandari temple?
Posted On: 07/08/2015 05:27:36
can u pl tell me how to go there after getting down, at baroda staion ? howabouts of stay there? can we return same day? what other temples / holy rituals to be performed tehre? what time does temple remain open, i mean close in afternoon ? pl reply
Posted On: 15/11/2012 02:56:50
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Kuber Bhandari Vadodara - Kuber Bhandari Temple Gujarat
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