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Ramnath Mahadev Temple Rajkot - Ramnath Mandir at Ramnath Pura Rajkot Gujarat - Photos/Images

Ramnath Mahadev Temple Rajkot - Ramnath Mandir at Ramnath Pura Rajkot Gujarat - Photos/Images

One of the Trinity deities of Hinduism, Lord Shiva is usually worshiped in the aniconic form of Lingam. A common form is the shape of a vertical rounded column. Shiva, like some other Hindu deities, is said to have several incarnations, known as Avatars. The Linga Purana speaks of twenty-eight forms of Shiva which are sometimes seen as avatars.

His one of the Avatar named Ramnath Mahadev, there are many temples of this form of Lord shiva in India. One of them is Ramnath Mahadev Temple Rajkot, Gujarat. This Temple is situated in saurastra region of Gujarat state. In Rajkot, Ramnath Mahadev Temple is located near Aji River in Ramnath Pura.  Shiva also means "one in whom the whole creation sleeps after dissolution". As followed Hinduism, people are preferred to set Mahadev’s statue in Crematorium for praying God for peace of death person’s spirit.


Ramnath Mahadev Mandir in Rajkot

Address: Mum Road, Ramnath Pura, Rajkot, Gujarat 360007


This Ramnath Mahadev Temple is famous for flower decoration of Lord Shiva, you can see in to the Gallery. Rajkot is the place where Mahatma Gandhi pursued his early education. Rajkot lies in the middle of Kathiawar peninsula, halfway between Ahmedabad and Porbandar.  The uniqueness of the temple is Ramdev Mahadev Shivlingh decorated by lotus shape. In the temple, they arranged Shiv pooja in special days such as shivratri, shravan maah etc…

On the top of the temple, trishul with damroo and Sanskrit letter ‘Om’ has decorated with floracent lights. Followers of Lord Shiva come to the Ramnath Mahadev Temple for worship and shingar darshan. Sometimes in rainy season, river aji flows over the Ramnath Mahadev temple and abhishek the shivlinga in natural state. People or Devotees are waiting to see this magical view in the monsoon.

You must visit this religious place of Rajkot, Ramnath Mahadev Temple once !

Har Har Mahadev…

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Ramnath Mahadev Temple Rajkot - Ramnath Mandir at Ramnath Pura Rajkot Gujarat - Photos/Images
Ramnath Mahadev Temple Rajkot - Ramnath Mandir at Ramnath Pura Rajkot Gujarat - Photos/Images, Ramnath Mahadev Temple Rajkot, Ramnath Mahadev Temple Gujarat, Ramnath Mahadev Mandir in Rajkot, Ramnath Mahadev Mandir in Gujarat, Ramnath Mandir at Ramnath Pura, Ramnath Temple at Ramnath Pura, Ramnath Mandir Rajkot Photos, Ramnath Temple Rajkot Images, Ramnath Mahadev Temple Rajkot Address, Ramnath Mahadev Mandir Rajkot Location
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